At Camps Bay Primary School we pride ourselves on what we can offer our pupils. We offer a rich diversity of academic, cultural and sport activities to develop our students to their full potential.

We see our school as a pacesetter for other schools and have a highly trained and professional staff who are fully committed to what they do. We offer a rich diversity of academics, cultural and sport activities to develop our students to their full potential.

We are a family and strive only for the best, be it for our students, parents, staff or the communities whom we serve.  

Mission Statement

We, the staff of Camps Bay Primary School, wish to work together to create an environment of co-operation, tolerance, support and empathy amongst learners, parents and staff.

It is our intention to provide an education which will cater for academic, social, emotional, cultural and physical development of all our learners. We will endeavour to attain this through an integrated curriculum covering a broad spectrum of skills, concepts, attitudes and values, enabling them to cope with life.

In so doing, we aim to adapt to the needs of the changing community we serve.

We believe that the emotional, physical, spiritual, intellectual and creative abilities of each child must be stimulated and nurtured as no one area can develop fully in isolation from the others.

Our school enjoys a reputation of being caring and progressive, where we:

 Value one another.

Endeavour to develop a sense of inquiry and honesty.

Seek excellence.

Provide facilities and resources conducive to sound education.

 School motto:   “STRIVE FOR THE HIGHEST”

Our Promises

Rules are kept to a minimum and introduced from a positive perspective.
We encourage our learners to assume responsibility for their work and actions.

Let’s keep these bees and have a happy school

Punctual Obedient
Sun safe
Sure to wear your cap
Responsible Kind
Helpful Sure to do the right thing

Our school has a specific discipline policy in place.


Our Values

Start of year commitment to work hard and give of your best

Good manners and values

Acceptance of others and differences. Treat others with respect. Anti-bullying. Accountable for actions.


Helpful to others including parents, teachers, staff and others less fortunate than ourselves.

Hard work, studying and perseverance in preparation for exams

Honesty at all times. Doing the right thing even if it’s hard. Honesty in exam month.

Caring, compassion and empathy.  Mandela Week 67 minutes of good work.

RAK Week : Random acts of kindness week, kindness and respect for others.  Woman’s Day.

Good citizenship. Environmental focus.

Achieve academic goals in Systemic Tests and Exams as main purpose / goals of the year

Accountable for academics and learners accountable for academic performance in exams.

Appreciation and thankful for good year.