Music at Camps Bay Primary

Ms Abrahams

Jessica Abrahams - Music Head

Head of Music

Welcome to Camps Bay Primary School’s Music Department. We are very pleased to have a dedicated team of highly qualified music teachers working together to create a happy environment in which to learn music. Music enriches all our lives by promoting higher order thinking, skills and teamwork. Music also fosters creativity and cohesiveness while generating discipline and commitment.

All children take part in class music as part of the curriculum offering and this is included in the school fees. In these classes they are able to experience and enjoy a range of music activities from drumming to singing and learning about the elements that make up music.

Ms Brown

Lauren Brown - Music Educator

Music Teacher

To further enable budding musicians to grow to their full potential, we also offer a variety of instrument lessons at an additional cost.

On the Preparatory Campus (Grade 1 and 2) we offer:

  • Piano
  • Woodwinds: Recorder
  • Percussion band
  • Choir  (free for all to join)

On the Primary Campus (Grade 3 – 7) we offer:

  • Piano
  • Woodwinds: Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet, Recorder
  • Voice
  • Ukulele
  • Drums
  • Guitar
  • Choir(Junior and Senior)


At Camps Bay Primary School we offer tuition in both individual and group lessons with fees structured accordingly. Group lessons are mainly geared towards the younger Grades, where possible, to create a fun and sociable environment to learn an instrument.

Tuition fees for 2022:  (per year paid monthly or per term for 8 lessons)

                                    Annually                              Monthly                           Per Term

Individual lessons:    R 7000                                    R 700                                   R 1750

Group lessons:           R 5850                                     R 585                                  R 1463

Percussion band:          R 2830                                     R 283                                   R 708

The fee is based on a minimum of 30 minutes of tuition per week for 8 lessons per term.

“Music can change the world!”  Beethoven.