Intermediate Phase (Grades 4 – 6)

Grade 4 Head

Lukas Loots - Grade Four Educator

Mr Loots

Grade 5 Head

Claire Gill - Grade Five Head

Ms Gill


6 Subjects:


Home Language (ENG)

First Additional Language(AFR)

Natural Science and Technology

Social Sciences ( History and Geography)

Life  Skills (PE, PSW,Visual Arts, Performing Arts)

We also offer a Second Additional Language :



*Instructional hours per week: 27,5 hrs



Grade 6 Head

Tertia Weldon - Grade Six Head

Ms Weldon

Learning Support

Anita Potgieter - Learning Support Teacher

Ms Potgieter

Grade 4 Parent Information 2021

Grade 5 Parent Information 2021


Grade 6 Parent Information 2021