Foundation Phase (Grades R – 3 )

Grade R Head

Jodi Evans - Reception Grade Educator

Ms Jodi Evans

Grade 1 Head

Claire Brownlee - Grade One Educator

Ms Brownlee


 4 main learning areas:


Home Language: English

First Additional Language: Afrikaans

Life  Skills: including PSW, PE, Music, Dance, Drama

We also offer a Second Additional Language:



Camps Bay Primary School always tries to use an integrated approach so that all the learning areas are integrated into the work that is covered


Instructional hours per week: 

   R, 1 and 2 = 23 hours

Grade 2 Head

Roselynn Byrnes - Grade Two Educator

Ms Byrnes

Grade 3 Head

Tina Swart - Grade Three Head

Ms Swart

Grade R Parent Information 2021


Grade 1 Parent Information 2021


Grade 2 Parent Information 2021

Grade 3 Parent Information 2021