Grade R

Head of the Foundation Phase

Ms Swart

Grade R Head

Ms Brownlee

We have two Grade R classes, located on their own Campus across the road from the Preparatory Campus. This space provides a safe and secure environment to enjoy the use of Prep field and facilities, and the children are able to familiarise themselves with the school before coming across the road for Grade 1.

 4 main learning areas:
Home Language: English
Life  Skills: including PSW, PE, Music, Dance, Drama
Second Additional Language: isi-Xhosa
= 23 instructional hours per week

Grade R Teacher

Ms Leeman


In Grade R our primary concern is holistic development. This includes physical, perceptual, language and social and emotional development.

The day is structured in such a way that children encounter opportunities to make free choices as well as engage in structured tasks.  The focus is on children learning through play and sensory experiences. They are encouraged to get dirty, run around barefoot and play in the sand!

All Grade R learners have the opportunity to explore the various arts with specialised teachers taking the classes for Music, Movement, Art and Drama as well as making use of the Camps Bay public library to take out reading books, once a week.

All Grade Rs have a variety of extra curricular activities to choose from, which offers opportunities for both healthy competition and high participation in a way that plays to their strengths while still recognising a wide range of individual sporting activities.