Art at Camps Bay Primary School

At Camps Bay Primary School, we have a flourishing art program where creative expression is the goal!  Learners get an hour a week during school where they are introduced to a spectrum of different art styles and techniques. Learners are encouraged to do their best whatever their interest in art is.  Their talents are identified and encouraged.  

On the Preparatory Campus the learners turn their classes and corridors into an amazing display of colour and creativity while working with various mediums in art. Their class teachers put together some wonderfully interesting and challenging, cross-curricular creative projects which are displayed throughout the Prep Campus.

On the Primary Campus we have a specialist Art teacher who runs our dedicated art studio. All the classes make use of this creative space once a week for an hour. It is here that the learners spend time expanding their imagination while learning new art techniques. The projects set cover a wide range of skills and art mediums as well as incorporating knowledge from other subjects.

In addition to Art during school; we also have a popular extra-curricular Art Club on the Primary Campus for both our Junior (Gr 3+4) and Senior (Gr 5-7) children.

At Camps Bay Primary we strive create as many opportunities for our children to explore and develop their talents in art and creative experiences as we can.

In addition to the imagination and craft skills of everyone seen in the art room our whole school – teachers included – is put to the test by regular chances to dress up.