Art at the Primary School

At Camps Bay Primary School, we have a flourishing art program where creative expression is the goal!  Learners get an hour a week during school in the dedicated art room. During these lesson the learners are introduced to a spectrum of different art styles and techniques. Learners are encouraged to do their best whatever their interest in art is.  Their talents are identified and encouraged.  Camps Bay Primary School regularly performs well in a number of art competitions including the Cape Town
Art Eisteddfod, competitions led by the Western Cape Education Department as well as independent competitions.

We host an art exhibition at the end of the year where learners’ artwork that was produced throughout the year is celebrated!

Grade 7’s

Nelson Makamo inspired Self Portraits 

Our grade 7s had a great time learning about South African artist, Nelson Makamo. Makamo is known around the world for his portraits of rural South African children, many of which feature big glasses painted on almost as an after thought. Our grade 7s spent time exploring different media (such as stick and ink) and playing around with techniques that they could use to draw and shade their portrait. The emphasis for this project was on expression rather than on absolute realism (though a number of the learners got both!) After all of this prep and being influenced by Makamo, the learners had to do an A2 self portrait, using either a mirror or a selfie on their phones. As you can see, they turned out beautifully!