Aftercare on the Prep Campus

Junior AftercareMs Peters

Aftercare AssistantMs Odomuko

We run an Aftercare facility where team aims to provide a “home from home” environment of nurturing and safety. Here children are encouraged to learn and develop valuable life skills, e.g. socializing, communicating effectively and co-operating with others.

Aftercare is first and foremost a service for our full-time working parents. Thereafter we are able to accommodate other learners depending on our numbers and the parents’ needs.

Aftercare Team

Senior Aftercare Manager: Ms Adele Potgieter (Ms Dee)
Senior Aftercare Assistants: Ms Tracy Gandari & Ms Debbie Odumuko
Junior Aftercare Manager: Ms Phillida Peters
Junior Aftercare Assistants: Ms Queen Manona, Ms Rabecca Kaphuka & Ms Eunice Kanyerere

Hours and Fees for 2024

Operating times
Grade R: 12h45 – 17h30
Grade 1 & 2: 13h15 – 17h30

FULL DAY R 14 850 R 1 485 (-> 17h30)
HALF DAY R 10 600 R 1060 (-> 14h30)
3 Day week R 9 050 R 905 (-> 17h30)
Casual day R 120 Flat rate (-> 17h30) (R60 up to 1hr thereafter daily flat rate applied).

Casual fees are payable by Snapscan only.

Monthly fees are charged for 10 full months (excluding only January and December).

ALL fees are payable in advance – on the FIRST DAY of each MONTH. If payment is not received, in advance you will lose your child’s aftercare space.


  1. All of our learners are with the aftercare coordinators on the big Grade R field and have their own dedicated room.
  2. Children who are half day will go home up to 14h30 and full day up to 17h30.

Things to know:

  1. Please send extra lunch and a change of clothing.
  2. It is essential to have a cap daily, even in the winter months.
  3. Please notify Aftercare staff of your child’s extra-mural commitments, or any change in plans / person collecting as in a telephone call, a WhatsApp message or in writing.
  4. Safe play and co-operation is encouraged at all times.

Senior AftercareMs Potgieter (Dee)

Aftercare AssistantMs Gandari 

Areas of play

Reception Grade, Grade 1 & 2: Aftercare room and playground (Gr R campus) – always within visual range of supervisors.

Homework and Aftercare

Homework or part of it will be done daily for those Grades One and Two children who remain in Aftercare after 15h45.

Aftercare Security

  1. Aftercare uses the Aftercare gate in The Drive, which has remote-control access. It is monitored by the Aftercare staff.
  2. Upon collection, all aftercare learners need to be signed out on the daily register.
  3. We have an ADT security guard who patrols the campuses every day.

Senior Aftercare Room


Junior Aftercare

Junior Aftercare

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